Building and refining geometrically correct animations of continental movements has given new insight into the geological and tectonic evolution of the southern continents that once formed Gondwana..

Gondwana globe

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News - Earthworks in progress

The Fit of the Southern Continents - 50 years on

It is now 50 years since Alan Smith and Tony Hallam published in Nature their classic paper on Gondwana reconstruction (Smith & Hallam, 1970).  Here is a link to a video of Alan talking about this work in 2012 [link].  Smith and Hallam applied the same contour-fitting algorithm used in Bullard, Everett and Smith (1965) to fit the 500 fathom (914 m) bathymetric contours for South America, Africa, Madagascar, India and Australia to each other and to the 1000 m isobath for Antarctica.  The result has withstood well the test of time.  The figure at the bottom of this piece presents the fit resulting from current research (available on this website) alongside the original Smith & Hallam (1970) fit.

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New Gondwana dispersion model launched

Gravity survey and the origin of mankind

African petroleum geologists meet again in London

About Colin Reeves

Colin Reeves

Colin Reeves is an earth scientist with 40 years’ experience in the instigation, execution and interpretation of regio...

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About Earthworks

Earthworks bv

‘Global thinking in exploration geoscience’ states the ambition of Earthworks BV to set exploration projects in ...

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