Building and refining geometrically correct animations of continental movements has given new insight into the geological and tectonic evolution of the southern continents that once formed Gondwana..

Gondwana globe

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News - Earthworks in progress

16th African Petroleum Geology conference, London 2017

The Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain held its 16th annual 'Africa' conference in London from August 28 to September 1, as usual in collaboration with the Geological Society of Houston.  The event kicked off with an evening lecture at the Geological Society at Burlngton House when Colin Reeves spoke on 'Gondwana re-assembled: challenges for making the new map and insights for exploration'. In it he reported on progress with the new geological map of Gondwana and the most recent deveopments in trying to understand the precise geometry of re-assembled Gondwana and its dispersal, starting in the Jurassic. The latest animations were also available to delegates on the conference CD.

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A tribute to Dr Alan Smith

ITC-Delft staff hold reunion lunch for Colin's 70th birthday

48° Congresso Brasileiro de Geologia, October 9-13.

About Colin Reeves

Colin Reeves

Colin Reeves is an earth scientist with 40 years’ experience in the instigation, execution and interpretation of regio...

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About Earthworks

Earthworks BV

‘Global thinking in exploration geoscience’ states the ambition of Earthworks BV to set exploration projects in ...

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