Building and refining geometrically correct animations of continental movements has given new insight into the geological and tectonic evolution of the southern continents that once formed Gondwana..

Gondwana globe

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News - Earthworks in progress

African petroleum geologists meet again in London

The 18th in a series of annual conferences on the petroleum geology of Africa was held at the London Olympia, October 1-2.  The series, organised by the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB) and the Geological Society of Houston, alternates between these two cities. The Olympia meeting was attended by over 500 delegates who followed two days of presentations, posters and an industry exhibition.  Colin Reeves presented his most recent work on a plate-tectonic model for the dispersion of the other Gondwana continents from around Africa. A new discovery is the plate-tectonic role of a coast-to-coast Mwembishi shear zone stretching 3200 km from Namibia to Tanzania, passing through parts of seven African countries.  It was active as a dextral strike-slip feature in Early Cretaceous time (135-129 Ma).

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How Mining Geophysics got started

Gondwana workshop in Rio

Earthworks: BV or not BV?

About Colin Reeves

Colin Reeves

Colin Reeves is an earth scientist with 40 years’ experience in the instigation, execution and interpretation of regio...

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About Earthworks

Earthworks bv

‘Global thinking in exploration geoscience’ states the ambition of Earthworks BV to set exploration projects in ...

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