Building and refining geometrically correct animations of continental movements has given new insight into the geological and tectonic evolution of the southern continents that once formed Gondwana..

Gondwana globe

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News - Earthworks in progress

New Gondwana dispersion model launched

The most recent developments to the Earthworks Gondwana dispersal model have been used to derive two series of high-resolution images that are released today [here].  The model, CR20ABAW, incorporates the most recent thinking on the early opening of the South Atlantic Ocean, the articulation of Patagonia by closing the Early Cretaceous rift basins there and the refinement of movements along the Agulhas fault zone off the coast of South Africa and its newly-defined conjugate in South America. The rationale will be explained in a future Research Update.  Meanwhile, the main points will be set out in a poster presentation at the Netherlands Earth Science Congress [nacgeo.nl/] in Utrecht, March 12-13.  The abstract accepted for the poster presentation is given below and the poster itself in an A4 version may be accessed [here].  The poster was shown shortly before the congress was cut short by measures to contain coronavirus. The geology shown in the accompanying figure is courtesy of the Gondwana Map Project (IGCP-628).

2020 February 27
updated 2020 March 25

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Gravity survey and the origin of mankind

African petroleum geologists meet again in London

How Mining Geophysics got started

About Colin Reeves

Colin Reeves

Colin Reeves is an earth scientist with 40 years’ experience in the instigation, execution and interpretation of regio...

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About Earthworks

Earthworks bv

‘Global thinking in exploration geoscience’ states the ambition of Earthworks BV to set exploration projects in ...

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